Getting Motivated to Get Back Into Shape

A woman training with a personal trainer.Most of us procrastinate when it comes to our health. It is only when we realize that we have gotten out of shape that we promise to fix the problem. However, by this time it is often too late and the motivation is harder to find. Fortunately, it is never too late to start working on your physical fitness and by taking some small steps you will notice that your health improves as well. I will share some of my recommendations for those looking to improve their fitness and health.

Joining a gym
This is the first place that most people think of when getting fit – and rightly so. After all, gyms are designed to help people get fit and maintain this fitness. Gyms are also a great place to exercise because you can join with others who are also looking to get a healthier body. It only takes three days a week in the gym for a couple of months and you will see great improvements overall fitness and level of health.
A membership to a gym has many other benefits as well. For one, they offer everything that a home gym lacks – versatility, variety, external motivation and assistance from instructors, plus the overall excitement of exercising with others (although some people are put off by this). If motivation is lacking a personal trainer is a great way to keep going through the tough times. They are also able to offer a constant source of guidance and help you to exercise more efficiently.

More Than Just Exercise
Not only do personal trainers help you with your exercises they’ll also teach you about nutrition and what types of exercise to take on in order to achieve your health goals. It is important to have a good look at what you are eating, and it is important to introduce a manageable and fun element of exercise into your gym routine. They may also introduce you to special supplements that may help with weight loss and improving your health. It is also vital to understand that irregular exercise is slightly better than no exercise at all.

Join a Class
A fitness class, such as aerobics classes, indoor cycling, dance, swimming and personal training, is a great way to get into shape. These are offered by some gyms and health clubs, along with private classes run at various locations. Some fitness centers offer a combination of different classes for example strength training, cardio exercise classes, swimming, etc. These cover a multitude of disciplines and are one of the best ways of getting a full body workout!

Get Your Own Equipment
Some people don’t like to exercise in front of other people (and I can completely understand this). If you fall into this category then why not consider purchasing home exercise equipment. I’m not talking about something you saw on an infomercial here, but a genuine home gym system. These are very effective if used properly and you don’t need to find the motivation to get to the gym every day! The two main types of home gym equipment are single peices (a treadmill for example) and an all-in-one home gym. Each has advantages, but I always recommend the all-in-one option simply because they take up less space.

Join a Club
Another great way to get fit is to join an outdoor club. There are many clubs that specialize in a certain form of exercise, such as cycling clubs and running clubs. These are a great way to get fit, enjoy the outdoors and make some new friends. These fitness groups cost very little to join (some are free) and there are groups for all levels of fitness. For example, the local mums with pram group caters for new mums and the marathon running club caters for those with slightly higher levels of fitness!

We are all aware of the growing obesity epidemic and how important it is to keep fit and healthy. Unfortunately, many of us let ourselves go and don’t know how to fix the problem. However, there are many great ways to get motivated and back into shape. Why not join a class today and start your journey to better health!